Courier style bag. Ideal for daily carry of every students essentials.
Designed with external pockets, that allow for packing of a bit bigger size stuff, making it fully capable but still a minimalistic travel bag.
Taranis lacks all the fanciness and predefined organizers. Pens and markers should be carried in pencil case shouldn't they? Simple and clear inner pockets layout and handy zippered pocket on flap are answers for other projects filled with little pouches, retractors etc. all of which make it easier to loose something than to find anything.
Bag was designed in a way that when carrying small amount of gear it would contour to body and won't hinder movement. In heavy setup though it becomes comfortable briefcase that can be easily carried using handle located on a flap.

Bottom of the bag beside being home to a foam stiffener has also the ability for strapping on additional gear (optional straps available). On sides are two hidden slim pockets ideally suited for carrying long things.


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